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About Ltalkslife

Hi and welcome to!

I’m L, the writer behind the blog. I am a twenty something, feminist and graduate from the UK, specifically North West, England. I started my blog in December 2017, a couple of years after graduating, as a way of keeping up my passion of writing, sharing my life experiences and the lessons I learn, and providing down to earth perspectives on life and everything in between, with the aim of inspiring others. I think that we are constantly surrounded by so many ideas and portrayals of “perfect” lives, that it sometimes becomes easy to overlook the challenges, achievements and moments of happiness that real life brings. So, I aim for my blog to bring back a little bit of realism and positivity into the world, as well as celebrating real life.

I named my blog Ltalkslife because I will literally talk about all things real life related. However, my blog will focus on the following areas;

– Life as a millennial and a twenty-something

– Graduate and Student Life

– Women’s Issues, Female Empowerment and Feminism

I really hope that you enjoy reading and that you can take away some handy tips! If my blog and the topics I write about help or inspire just one person, then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.

If you are a brand or PR interested in collaborating with me, please reach out and email me on

Sending positivity your way!

L. X