Sorry for the radio silence, things have been a little hectic recently and I have been a busy bee; working full-time, studying part-time for a postgraduate qualification, balancing family, social commitments, and trying to allocate some time to my passion projects (my writing!). I must admit that I’m feeling tired, but I think that we are all in it together, and that many people feel the same in the run up to Christmas. It is a completely hectic and crazy time, but I suppose the magic of Christmas, spending time with those most special to us and reminiscing on childhood memories, is worth it! Nevertheless, weeks of leaving home in the dark and coming back to it in the dark certainly doesn’t help! I don’t know about you, but I’m craving some daylight and some sun!

What are your tips for coping with the change of season?

Now that it’s time for me to (finally!) wind down from everything for Christmas, I am prioritising some ‘me time’ and giving myself a little self love and care. For me, this takes the form of pyjama days, lots of sleep (yes, I know.. In the party season!), exercise and spending time with my loved ones. In addition to a little back massage, some pampering in between and a touch of travel.

What is self care or ‘me time’ to you?

When life gets busy, the first thing I tend to neglect is myself, and although I always try to factor in some me time, it’s the first thing to go when there aren’t enough hours in the day. As your typical ‘completer-finisher’ organisation expert, one thing that always makes me feel better is planning ahead and creating and ticking off to-do lists. So with this in mind, I have been looking into putting together a 5 year plan for the New Year.

Stay tuned to see how I get on..

And don’t forget to take care of yourself in this busy festive season!

Merry Christmas!


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A wintery walk in County Durham
A lovely wintery walk makes everything seem better! Picture taken near Barnard Castle, County Durham.