It may seem like recently I have been neglecting, but this has been completely unintentional as I do LOVE my little blog. However, I am only human and as I’m moving through my twenties I’m comfortable about admitting that I only have so much to give and there’s only a certain amount of hours in a day. Recently, my current role at work has taken up a lot of my time and energy, but admittedly it has been worth it! I have been overseeing a high profile project and the final event which took place the other week, was a complete record breaker! I had such a feeling of accomplishment when it was all over, followed by a week off to recover and relax. So that’s why I haven’t posted recently and it’s also the reason why I want to talk to you about personal development.

I love learning and I truly believe that knowledge is power. It might sound silly, but I love the whole process of learning and the fact that you can go from having zero knowledge of a topic to knowing it inside out. It hit me quite hard leaving behind the education system and to some extent, my passion for learning, which you can read about here. However, recently the idea that there is always space and opportunity for personal development is something that has been highlighted to me. There is always something to learn and opportunities to grow, you just have to pursue them.

Leaving education doesn’t mean that you stop learning, developing, or acquiring new knowledge and skills. Knowledge and information is all around us all of our lives. It’s just waiting for us to consume and put to good use! It’s in the extra qualification that you study, the hobby or passion project that you develop, the new duty that you take on at work, the conversations you participate in and the piece of information you take from a book or the blog you read.

When you’re working full-time and you’re out of the education system, it can be really easy (and sometimes tempting!) to just stick with your established routine, the things you know and your day to day duties; meeting your core duties at work, running your home, and taking care of your family. But one thing that you should never give up on or neglect no matter what your situation is, is your personal development.

Consider the people in your life for a minute; your family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. You’ll probably be able to immediately identify a range of different approaches that people take to their personal development. I’m saying this without judgment, but there will probably be some people that say YES to everything, some that go through every phase, fad and hobby that you can imagine, some that are half committed, and others that frankly can’t be arsed.

I genuinely believe that you get out of life what you put in. So many people go through life working tirelessly day after day to make ends meet and focusing on the necessities, and by the end of the day they are so tired that they neglect to do anything for themselves. So, they are likely to eat their tea, take their place on the sofa and probably waste several hours watching TV that they won’t even be able to recall next week. Yes, life is tiring! I completely get that. And to add to this, there will probably always be something that needs doing around the house, something to clean, something to sort, etc. But if we don’t make time for our personal development, then what are we developing? What are we achieving? We’re getting older but we’re not growing. We’re using up our time, but we’re not spending it wisely. I’m not saying that we should all necessarily devote every evening and time that we don’t really have, but I do think that we should be making our personal development a priority in our lives.

I have come to the conclusion that sometimes you just need to grab an opportunity and give it a go. With that being said, here are my little tips and advice to help you incorporate personal development into your life:

Say yes

Ever since I was a child my mum encouraged me to try (almost) everything at least once! This is something that has stuck with me and it really is a mantra that I live by. So through my education and career, whenever an opportunity or a challenge has been offered to me, I’ve said yes and given it a go and I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a time when I have regretted it or have not benefitted. Each opportunity and challenge has been a chance for personal development and a chance for me to learn something and grow as a person. Whether it’s an extra qualification, a new duty, first aid training, volunteering, or whatever else is offered your way. When opportunities and challenges arise, I really urge you to consider them and give it a go! I know it can be scary and sometimes intimidating, but even just putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is brilliant for your personal development.

Develop your passion

It’s much easier to invest time and effort into your personal development when you’re doing something that you love. What is your passion project? Are you still deciding? I’ve always personally loved writing and I started this blog in order to create an outlet for me to develop my writing and hopefully inspire other people along the way. Don’t put it off any longer, make a start on developing your ideas into action today.

Little and often

We are busy. We all have busy lives which are taken up by different things. Just taking a bit of time each day to invest in ourselves and our personal development can be life changing and empowering. Learn a language during your commute. Read for half an hour before you go to bed. Attend the gym class you’ve always wanted to try but have never got around to. Anything is better than nothing and you will feel better for it!

Don’t be hard on yourself

No matter how hard you try or how much you mean well, there will be times when you will neglect your personal development. There will also be times when you want to give up, you feel like it is taking up too much of your time or you question the point of doing it at all. Don’t be hard on yourself or give up. Each day is a new day and a new opportunity for you to get back on the wagon and try again, so keep going! That feeling of accomplishment will be worth it when you see all that you have achieved.

One small person in a big world of opportunity. Picture taken at Cleveleys beach, Lancashire.

Is personal development a priority for you?

What are your tips for personal development?