Travelling and really seeing and experiencing the world, by which I mean going on more than a couple of holidays a year, is something that crosses my mind almost everyday at the moment. There is a beautiful and big wide world out there and sometimes I worry that I will never get to really see it.

When you’re at university, you’re bombarded with so many exciting opportunities and things to get involved in, especially for over the summer break. Study Abroad or travelling during the summer is something that I really wish I would have taken advantage of when I had the chance. Thinking back, it seems like the perfect opportunity to just go for it! Once you graduate and you’re out there trying to make it in the world of adulting; working, trying to make a living and pay the bills, it is so easy to get stuck in the rut of day to day life. To then make the decision to come out of that routine, to give up your job and financial security to travel becomes a massive, scary, unrealistic thing! I know that you shouldn’t regret life and the way that things pan out, but when I think back to how easily I could have slotted some real travel into my three years of university, I must admit that it is a slight regret of mine.

I graduated a few years ago now and despite having a life full of love and security, sometimes I wake up in the morning and think that there has to be more to life. Travelling and really experiencing all that the world has to offer is something that I still really want to do, something that my heart yearns for and something that won’t just go away.

During my commute into the city, I often see tempting adverts offering opportunities and causing conflict in my mind. “One way ticket” to wherever sounds SO appealing. But then I wonder if I did give up everything and went travelling for six months or a year, how would I feel about coming back to it all? How would I feel about getting another job? About starting again with my savings? Would I still want to see more or would it satisfy my travel craving? At the moment, there’s just so many questions and not a clear answer.

For now I might have to settle for a beach holiday and a handful of city breaks a year. Maybe I’ll be one of those people that does my travelling later on in life, I might even temporarily move abroad at some point or retire somewhere exotic, when the time comes. But my advice to you would be, if you do have the chance, if you are studying or you’re in a situation where it would be easy enough to slot in some travel, I highly recommend that you go for it!

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Craving travel - why I wish I travelled as a student Exploring the beautiful Main Square in Old Town, Krakow.

Did you travel during your student life?

Do you have travel cravings?

Have you took time out to see the world?