There are lots of lovely posts which I have read recently about love and relationships, ideal gifts, outfits, ideas for date nights and other Valentine’s related topics. I want to bring you my thoughts about Valentine’s Day itself. This probably isn’t the type of post that you would expect to see in the run up to what is expected to be one of the most romantic days of the year. And it might also not be the most popular of opinions. But I’m just going to put it out there…

I think that Valentine’s Day is overrated. I mean the day itself warrants unnecessary pressure, stress and spending. If you’re single, you’re generally made to feel excluded and even pitied to some extent, for not “having someone” to celebrate it with and if you’re in a relationship, it’s equally as bad being continuously asked how you are going to be “celebrating”.

Valentine’s Day to me is just a commercialised idea that we willingly buy into year on year, no questions asked. It means planning to eat out at places you have never chosen to eat at before, wracking your brain trying to think of a suitable gift, a romantic idea or an exciting plan, and then spending your money investing in whatever option you decide to go with. Shop windows are filled with all things red and swirly romantic writing. Crowded displays of gift ideas, underwear and chocolates. Your mailbox becomes full with emails from hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, all offering you a Valentine’s special.

It’s not that I am a complete Scrooge and I do in fact like to receive a nice card, flowers or whatever else somebody has taken the time, thought and effort into getting for me. My point is – why do we need a specific day to express our love? Why wait for Valentine’s Day or do something just because it’s Valentine’s Day? If you love somebody, tell them and show them, and do it everyday.

Another thing that I really dislike about Valentine’s Day despite being engaged, is the fact that it is all about relationship status and specifically, people in relationships. You don’t need to be one half of a couple to know, show, feel or need love. Love isn’t exclusive, so why is Valentine’s Day? My sister and I always make a point of showing our mum some extra love.

And call me old fashioned, but you don’t need to spend money or buy gifts to show your love. As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, time really is the most precious thing in the world. You can’t buy it, stop it or change it. Rather than buying stuff, why not make a nice meal together or get a takeaway if that’s your thing, watch a good film, go for a walk? Whatever you decide to do, get rid of all distractions and just spend some time with the one/ones that you love.

Or actually, do nothing at all.. Because you don’t NEED to do something just because it’s Valentine’s Day and it is somewhat expected of you.

Even as I’m writing this post, I’m going backwards and forwards in my head between should I do something genuine with my loved ones (not materialistic) or should I do nothing to prove a point? To be honest with you, I haven’t quite decided yet. Whatever you decide to do (or not!) and whatever your relationship status is, I wish you a day full of love and happiness.. but not just because it’s Valentine’s Day!

What are your plans?

Do you make a point of celebrating Valentine’s Day?


My favourite flowers that I have ever received, and no they weren’t for Valentine’s Day! 😁😂