A recent experience made me feel inclined to write this blog. I have decided not to discuss the situation, only my thoughts and the lessons learned from it. In case you are wondering, I am completely fine, just a little disappointed and disheartened.

It’s a situation that many people have experienced in some way, shape or form at some point in their lives: An injustice. When something has happened wrongly, unfairly and you try and try but you can’t rectify the issue. Various avenues have been explored and all doors have been closed on you. For me, this was/is one of the most frustrating things I have come across, because I really do like to believe that you can make a change if you try, you work for it, you deserve it and it is what is right. So when this doesn’t happen, I start to question the world? I start to wonder what the point of everything really is? If you don’t have the power to change things that happen in or around your life, then what do you have?

Is this part of growing up, realising that you can’t change the world? Because if it is, I don’t want to. I want to be young.. Forever. I want to at least believe that I have the ability to change the world if I try.

Sometimes it seems like the easier thing is to give in or give up and walk away in silence. Sometimes this is what people want you to do and advise you to do. Sometimes even money plays a part. “Don’t kick up a fuss”, “try to move on”, “ignore it”, “be positive”… The list goes on. But why? Out of fear? Because it’s easier? To avoid people judging you for speaking out truthfully? For the sake of a quiet life? None of these things really warrant injustice.

Just because something is difficult or because it is what other people want, it doesn’t make it the right thing and you owe it to yourself to stand up for what you believe in, for justice and for what is fair. (Within appropriate reason! Use your words – I don’t condone violence or anything else that is harmful…)

Nevertheless, the sad reality that you can’t necessarily change the world, the laws, the people or even the decisions that people make, is a thing that I am struggling to accept. What I have decided is that you can’t just give up or give in. Even if it’s just for a little while.. You soldier on, make your point, at least try to make a change. Because if you don’t then who will? And at least, that way, you will know in your heart at the end of the day that you did all that you could.

When life gives you lemons, at least try to make lemonade.

I would usually ask a question here, but today I will just wish you well and send justified thoughts! 🙂


A view of Preston Docks, Preston, Lancashire. Be your own rainbow on the rainiest of days!