So I’ve recently started my blog L Talks Life. Want to get to know me better? Here’s 11 little things about me..

1. Personal experiences inspire my blog – I want to share what I learn with you

2. I was a first generation student and I am proud to be the first in my family to go to university

3. I am now a proud graduate of English – but these 3 years at university taught me so much more than just my degree

4. I am a feminist and highlighting everyday sexism is one of my favourite hobbies

5. I am British and live in the UK (and I HATE BREXIT)

6. I am a millennial, Generation Y

7. I am actually a really private person

8. I am the real ‘Girl on the Train’ – a serial commuter

9. I always want to achieve more

10. I want to empower and motivate people

11. I want to change the world – but I’m not sure how to do this.. yet

It’s great to meet you!

Do we share anything in common?

What topics would you like to see me post about?