‘New Year, New Me’… I’ve always hated that saying. I mean there is nothing wrong with setting goals or resolutions for the New Year, as they are traditionally called, in fact I am all for it. But you don’t just become a completely new person overnight just because we can now use some new digits in a date. Goals are achieved with lots of thought, careful planning and most importantly, effort in working consistently towards them.

On a personal level, I traditionally make a point sometime between Christmas and the New Year to evaluate my goals and achievements from the previous year and to set new ones for the New Year. Whether these goals are career related, fitness focused, social, financial, or anything else you want to work on, a goal is a goal and you should be proud of yourself for taking the time to reflect and striving high for the New Year.

One key thing to remember though is that your goals should be entirely personal to YOU. Don’t be influenced by other people, other people’s goals or even by what other people think of your goals. Think about what you truly want to achieve and how you are going to go about achieving this.

From one goal-setting millennial to another, here are some of my top tips for setting goals and sticking to them:

  1. Be realistic

There is absolutely no point in setting crazy, humungous, way out there goals that are unachievable – you’ll only feel deflated and stressed out when you struggle to meet them. Instead, think carefully about what you want to achieve and how you are going to go about this.

  1. Set goals for YOU

It can be so easy to be influenced by other people and by what you see on social media! Whilst social media is great for many things, as millennials trying to make it in the big wide world, we can be mistakenly taken in or influenced by these unrealistic jet-setting millionaire lifestyles that we are so often surrounded by! When you set your goals, make them relevant, reachable and appropriate to you and your resources. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to save 90% of your income a month as well as paying your bills and having a life! Try to go for something more manageable and tailored to your individual circumstances and what will work for you.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge

You might be in two minds about the goals you are thinking of setting. I’d say, (as long as they are positive and will ultimately have a good and healthy effect on your life) GO FOR IT! You sometimes don’t know what you are capable of achieving until you give it a go. And if you’re afraid of judgement or other people’s input, then keep your goals to yourself. Personal goals are personal – they don’t need other people’s approval and they don’t need to be shouted from the rooftops, so don’t worry!

  1. A goal shared can be a goal halved

Just like a problem shared, a goal shared can be a goal halved. If you really want to achieve something but could do with a little motivation along the way, then maybe share it with somebody close to you? I know myself that it is so much easier to eat healthily when you have somebody doing it with you. (I was/still am but now on a part time basis since she has hit her target, my mum’s biggest Slimming World buddy). Similarly, lots of people swear by gym buddies to motivate them to go to the gym when they are ready for passing on it, but then they end up going to not let their buddy down. (FYI – this will only work properly if you have a committed goal sharer!)

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Just like the brilliant Jess Glynne song. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t stick to your goals religiously from the get go! You set goals for a reason – to achieve something. And an achievement can be made slowly and intermittently – it doesn’t necessarily need to have a specific deadline or timeframe. An improvement and working towards a goal is better than nothing!

I leave you with some inspiring imagery of the beautiful Aegean Seafrom my trip to Greece earlier in 2017 and hope that this post has given you an ounce of motivation to set some great goals for the New Year!

A peaceful view like this in Messonghi is perfect for goal setting, but you’ve always got this blog to fall back on! 🙂

Happy goal setting!