The Berlin Wall
A quote that stood out to me when I visited The Berlin Wall

To _____ or not to ______? You fill in the blanks. It is essentially the same question or issue no matter what your craft is or whatever thing it is that your heart is truly into. Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is “why not start _______ now?” As human beings we spend so much of our lives putting time and effort into doing things that need to be done, doing things to make ends meet and doing things that we would probably choose to pass on if we had the luxury, rather than making the time to do what we actually love or feel drawn to do.

How much time do you spend thinking about your true passion? Writing, drawing, creating, baking, exercising – or whatever else it is. How often do you make plans and think ideas through, but never actually get around to putting them into action? And how many hours a day do you spend doing things that are arguably somewhat meaningless (although admittedly great at times), such as procrastinating on social media, watching endless box sets on Netflix or however else you choose to spend your sacred hours? It has taken me around two and a bit years since graduating from university and a couple of job roles, to go further than my thoughts and ideas and actually start writing again.

At first it might seem insignificant and even maybe a little hopeless, but it is so important that we listen to inner selves (and as cheesy as it may sound, our hearts) and allocate a little bit of those 24 hours that we are given each day, to work towards achieving our own goals. After all, just think of all the hours that we spend working towards achieving somebody or something else’s goals? (Unless you are self-employed maybe?). But nevertheless, no matter how much we love, like or even dislike our jobs, most of us generally give away around 7 or 8 hours a day, at the minimum, to another cause other than ourselves. A wise person once said to me “You shouldn’t spend hours working every day for somebody else, and then come home and not work on yourself”. These words have stuck with me and have run through my mind daily until I finally decided to do something about it. Invest some part of your day in YOU.

Throughout life, no matter who you are, how old you are or what background you come from, you will hear some version or variety of “everything will sort itself out in the end” and “it’ll happen at the right time” and you’ll hear it a hundred and one more times than you’ll need to.

Life is a truly wonderful thing, but it doesn’t wait for anybody. Be the executor of your own goals and take a bit of time daily to work towards achieving the things your heart strives for.

I’m not waiting any longer. What are you waiting for?